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General results

Response rate
(# | %)
Comfortable having LGBTQ
in group (1-7 ± SD)
LGBQ (1-7 ± SD)
Trans (1-7 ± SD)
(yes | no | unsure)
Know LBGTQ in living group
(yes | no | unsure)
Group attitude toward
LGBTQ (1-7 ± SD)
6.27 ± 1.28
5.74 ± 1.49
4.78 ± 1.59
yes: 73.5%
no: 6.9%
unsure: 17.6%
yes: 38.8%
no: 26.2%
unsure: 35.0%
5.52 ± 1.32
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Language results

Frequency of word use - joking
(1-7 ± SD)
Joking reaction? Bothers - speak out
Joking reaction? Bothers - ask someone else
Joking reaction? Bothers - ignore
Joking reaction? Doesn't bother - ignore
Joking reaction? Doesn't bother - feel accepted/included
Joking reaction? Doesn't bother - join in
4.32 ± 1.50
Frequency of word use - derogatory
(1-7 ± SD)
Derogatory reaction? Bothers - speak out
Derogatory reaction? Bothers - ask someone else
Derogatory reaction? Bothers - ignore
Derogatory reaction? Doesn't bother - ignore
Derogatory reaction? Doesn't bother - feel accepted/included
Derogatory reaction? Doesn't bother - join in
5.83 ± 1.36

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Comments (primary residence)

"I have found my living group and sorority to be extremely accepting of all individuals, regardless of sexual preference - it tends to be a non-issue that doesn't ever really present itself."

"As a conservative person, I do not partake in discussing sexual exploits of any kind, straight or gay, monogamous or non-monogamous. I have noticed that my LGBTQ friends, at least the ones open about their preference, tend to embrace their sexuality more than the average person, and freely talk about their sexual experiences. This has made me uncomfortable in the past, however, it was not because of their sexual orientation, but rather, their proclivity to provide immense detail, which I find uncomfortable coming from anyone, not just LGBTQ individuals. A big part of me wishes that this could stop being such a big deal - so a girl likes a girl? So what?! What people do in their personal time is their personal business. None of us should feel the need to care or hear about it."

"I can gladly say I haven't seen any deliberate or even subtle homophobia at my first year here, although I do stay in my bubble and at this point found my niche friend group."

"I have only lived in Baker for a short amount of time, since I just moved here this semester so it's hard to comment. I tend to associate myself more with my friends outside of Baker."

"Don't tell others who is LGBT unless that person is specifically okay. check with that person first beforehand. Everybody is sensitive about other people knowing to a certain degree. "

"I don't think the ally community speaks out enough. When I promoted an event that supported the LBGTQ community, I think a lot of people assumed I was gay even though I'm not. I would like it to be more common for straight people to stand up for gay rights and I think the message would be more effective, too. The LGBTQ community is full of some of the strongest people I know, and I wish the straight community would be as confident and speak out on their behalf more often."

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