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General results

Response rate
(# | %)
Comfortable having LGBTQ
in group (1-7 ± SD)
LGBQ (1-7 ± SD)
Trans (1-7 ± SD)
(yes | no | unsure)
Know LBGTQ in living group
(yes | no | unsure)
Group attitude toward
LGBTQ (1-7 ± SD)
6.61 ± 0.93
6.06 ± 1.35
5.24 ± 1.73
yes: 81.1%
no: 4.7%
unsure: 13.4%
yes: 76.4%
no: 14.2%
unsure: 9.4%
6.38 ± 0.81
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Language results

Frequency of word use - joking
(1-7 ± SD)
Joking reaction? Bothers - speak out
Joking reaction? Bothers - ask someone else
Joking reaction? Bothers - ignore
Joking reaction? Doesn't bother - ignore
Joking reaction? Doesn't bother - feel accepted/included
Joking reaction? Doesn't bother - join in
5.39 ± 1.29
Frequency of word use - derogatory
(1-7 ± SD)
Derogatory reaction? Bothers - speak out
Derogatory reaction? Bothers - ask someone else
Derogatory reaction? Bothers - ignore
Derogatory reaction? Doesn't bother - ignore
Derogatory reaction? Doesn't bother - feel accepted/included
Derogatory reaction? Doesn't bother - join in
6.57 ± 1.01

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Comments (primary residence)

"I live on Burton Third. Anyone who's not LGBT is an ally. Do we call our gay friends "faggots"? No. Do we call each other "faggots"? Yes. If you're not overly sensitive about LGBT, race/ethnicity, or gender issues.. come on over! We're a pretty accepting group. "

"When I told my friends I was getting involved with Fierce, the drag show, everyone thought it was SO cool. No one asked "why?" I love having open-minded friend--LGBT or else."

"I was treating the term "living group" as a reference to Conner 5; as far as I can tell, my answers apply to the rest of Burton Conner as well, but they definitely apply to C5."

"I'm taking 'living group' here to mean my floor (connor 5), since I can't really answer any of these questions with any sort of accuracy for ALL of BC. As far as I have seen, everyone on my floor is interested in and open to different opinions and different backgrounds and people. I hope LGBT pre-frosh come to MIT! You'll like it here, honestly. "

"Most of my experience is based on my floor (and neighboring floors). I haven't spent much time on Burton side."

"since burton conner culture varies a lot by floor, my comments may only apply to my living group, burton 1."

"So far in college I haven't met anyone who wasn't accepting. I think on this campus you're more vulnerable to ridicule for being close minded than you are for being LGBT."

"I feel that Burton Conner is fairly accepting, but it might be simply because everyone is simply ambivalent to the LGBTQ community."

"I think the MIT campus overall is a very accepting environment. I'm actually impressed with the athletics department in particular. They make a special effort to make sure everyone feels welcome on any team. Speaking from personal experience on the crew team, in particular, has always fostered a very welcoming environment in part from the coaches, but also the athletes."

"I hate gay people who hide. I also hate gay people who rub it on your face (singing Ricky Martin while fucking a unicorn in the ass with a strapon). Not because it's gay, but because it's aesthetically displeasing."

"Freddie Mercury was gay."

"Its all about finding a place you feel comfortable. I think for the most part I've encountered people here who are very accepting of others. There are obviously exceptions to this but find your friends and they will respect you for who you are."

"We used to have three lesbians on the floor and their girlfriends would be on the floor ALL the time. For such a small living group (~30 people) it was a large presence. It became a normal part of life, and the floor actually feels weird with their declining presence (alums now)."

"I can't speak for Burton Conner as an entire House, but Burton 1, where I live, is extremely accepting. There's no difference in treatment whatsoever, and no uncomfortable feelings as far as I can tell. The openly gay guy on our floor came out to the floor before he told anyone else. I think that says a lot about his comfort with Burton 1."

"In BC, people may have different opinions, but anything that is openly derogatory is typically looked down upon."

"Not supporting the LGBT community does not translate to not respecting people in that community. Supporting people and being able to live with them and feeling comfortable in an environment should be separate questions. "

"While MIT is not the most lgbtq-friendly place I've ever lived, I think many communities take pride in the fact that they are open and accepting of everyone. There is definitely a place for LGBTQ students at MIT. <3"

"Last year, there were at least 2 lesbian couples living on the floor; they were treated exactly the same as any straight couple would be, and never faced any kind of discrimination whatsoever within the dorm."

"Overall, almost everyone I've encountered is very accepting. A few people still use "gay" in a generally joking way, but this doesn't happen very often, and I think if you were to address it they would apologize and stop."

"This year I realized I was bisexual. It was a hard time for me, especially since my roommate is on the conservative end of the spectrum, and I wasn't entirely sure how she felt about LGBTQs, especially living with one. Even with my other friends, it was hard to come out. I told one at first, then one more. Not all of them know, still. But the two I have told have been totally supportive. I believe my other friends would be very supportive as well; I've only held back from telling them due to the fact that it's hard to ever talk to anyone alone when you live with all your friends. Recently I came out to my roommate, because we were planning on rooming together next year and I felt she should know the whole story before she committed to living with me for another year. It was nervewracking, and I was so worried about how she might have reacted, but she was completely cool about it. She told me she cared about me and it didn't matter to her in the slightest. Overall, I've had a completely positive experience at Burton-Conner. Everyone has been very open-minded and accepting."

"My best friend lives in my living group, and he's gay. I shudder to think the friendship that I would have missed out on if I had refused to be friends with him because he's gay."

"I have a gay roommate. I don't mind at all, it isn't awkward or strange and is the same as having a straight roommate."

"I live on Burton Third and it is very accepting in my opinion. There have been a few people who are openly members of LBGT community and I believe have never had derogatory comments made about them or been treated any differently because of it."

"Burton Conner and more specifically Burton Third are so accepting of those who identify as LGBTQ. We may joke around a lot but in all honesty, we're all there to support each other. "

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