17% of all survey respondents identified as LGBTQ.

"I think the MIT campus overall is a very accepting environment. I'm actually impressed with the athletics department in particular. They make a special effort to make sure everyone feels welcome on any team. Speaking from personal experience on the crew team, in particular, has always fostered a very welcoming environment in part from the coaches, but also the athletes."

3 living groups (tEp, ET, and pika) had 100% response rates.

The average EC resident had a comfort level for an LBGTQ person in their group at 6.77/7.0.

"I've grown to know and love all of my brothers [at TDC], regardless of their sexual orientation. Living in this house, in
this kind of open and accepting environment, is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life."

The average Edgerton respondent had a comfort level living with a trans roommate
at 5.83/7.0.

On average, sorority sisters had a comfort level of having an LGBTQ person in their group
at 6.58/7.0, compared to the campus-wide average of 6.5.

The Living Pink Guide is produced by G@MIT to help students find dorms, independent living groups, fraternities, and sororities that are welcoming to lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer, and ally individuals.

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