About the Survey

The survey was created by undergraduate students from G@MIT with Cory Hernandez (‘14) and Carlos Garay ('14) serving as the primary editors. Staff from the Rainbow Lounge, Institute Research Office, Residential Life Office, FSILG Office, and Student Activities Office also provided valuable input. The survey was hosted on the Institute Research Office’s Qualtrics account.

Copy of Survey:
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.pdf (8 pages)

An e-mail describing the intent of the Living Pink Guide with a link to the survey was sent out to every MIT undergraduate and graduate living group in March, April, and May of 2012 via dorm email lists, FSILG and dorm executive officers, Housemasters, and GRT’s. Cory Hernandez (‘14) and Carlos Garay ('14) addressed the Panhellenic Association (Panhel), the Living Group Council (LGC), the Interfraternity Council (IFC), and the Dormitory Council (DormCon) in an effort to boost participation. Students were allowed to provide responses about both their “official residence” and an “additional affiliation.” Students from all but one living group responded. Results were analyzed and compiled for the guide by the primary editors of the survey, as well as other helpful G@MIT members, like Tim Mickel ('14).

G@MIT members created this published website. Initial creators included Jenna Caldwell ('11) and Cory Hernandez ('14), among others. Tim Mickel ('14) has served as a major contributor to updating this year's website, in addition to Dennis Wilson ('14).

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