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General results

Response rate
(# | %)
Comfortable having LGBTQ
in group (1-7 ± SD)
LGBQ (1-7 ± SD)
Trans (1-7 ± SD)
(yes | no | unsure)
Know LBGTQ in living group
(yes | no | unsure)
Group attitude toward
LGBTQ (1-7 ± SD)
6.37 ± 1.17
5.49 ± 1.52
4.49 ± 1.67
yes: 71.1%
no: 9.3%
unsure: 16.5%
yes: 64.6%
no: 20.2%
unsure: 15.2%
6.21 ± 0.84
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Language results

Frequency of word use - joking
(1-7 ± SD)
Joking reaction? Bothers - speak out
Joking reaction? Bothers - ask someone else
Joking reaction? Bothers - ignore
Joking reaction? Doesn't bother - ignore
Joking reaction? Doesn't bother - feel accepted/included
Joking reaction? Doesn't bother - join in
5.47 ± 1.58
Frequency of word use - derogatory
(1-7 ± SD)
Derogatory reaction? Bothers - speak out
Derogatory reaction? Bothers - ask someone else
Derogatory reaction? Bothers - ignore
Derogatory reaction? Doesn't bother - ignore
Derogatory reaction? Doesn't bother - feel accepted/included
Derogatory reaction? Doesn't bother - join in
6.68 ± 0.93

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Comments (primary residence)

"I am openly gay in Next house, and so far, no one has spoken out against it. If anyone here has any problems with the lgbtq community, they keep it to themselves."

"One thing I like specifically is we have bathrooms that don't specify gender. We have a shared sink area, and individual shower and bathroom stalls that lock. It's a great system!"

"Usually very open, Next House really strives to make a friendly atmosphere for everyone. "

"As one person in a group of 360, I certaintly cannot speak on behalf of everyone living in Next House, however in the four years that I have spent here I have only seen a positive, welcoming, and supportive environment. Many members of my wing have been openly gay, and the community is comfortable with that and supportive. There are also many strong allies in Next House."

"MIT students tend to be very open minded. You're talking about a brilliant group of people who can see past differences and appreciate each others brilliance no matter what package it comes in."

"As a gay male, I've always felt completely comfortable at Next House. The people I've grown to love here are the most accepting, open, and friendly people I've met in my entire life. It's not only that you'll be accepted here if you identify as LGBTQ; it's as if differences in people's sexual or gender identities are completely immaterial here. You're gay, that's awesome. You're transgender/genderqueer, that's awesome. You're curious, that's awesome. You don't want to tell us, that's also awesome. Nobody will make you uncomfortable."

"Next House is a wonderful and accepting community. I don't think I have ever heard a deragatory comment, joking or otherwise, concerning the LBGT community and if there were I know the issue would be addressed immeadiately. Next House strives to make all of its residents feel safe and welcome. The dorm also has a lot of singles, even some reserved for freshmen, if having a roomate would make either party uncomfortable. Additionally, all of the bathrooms are co-ed. "

"While we do use common phrases such as "That's gay," we do not mean it as an insult to homosexuals. It's honestly difficult to explain... but when it comes down to it "gay" originally meant happy. Now it just has 3 dictionary entries instead of 2? "

"I really like my living group and I never have to worry about discrimination of any kind."

"Nothing much, Next House is a very accepting dorm with a very open atmosphere. "

"I feel my living group is extremely open to people of all sexual orientations. We accept brothers based on their personality and how we think they'll fit in with the group - their sexuality is really not a factor. We have a couple of gay brothers and it's not at all a touchy topic. From what I've seen, MIT as a whole is a pretty accepting community. I think members of the LGBTQ community can be open about who they are and will ultimately be treated based on their personality."

"Coming from a very conservative town in high school, I found the atmosphere in my living group incredibly heartwarming. There is only one person who used to use the word "gay" in a joking manner, but after I talked to him about it, he was very respectful and stopped. Speaking as a volunteer for the Trevor project, this is something I care about very much, and I have felt very comfortable living in Next House."

Comments (secondary residence)

"People are accepting of others everywhere ive gone, although they dont always watch what they say about them. Im not sure how my fraternity brothers would feel about having gay brothers since we occasionally make jokes about loving each other in a gay way. "

"New House and Next House seem to be accepting communities. I've never really seen a place here at MIT that is not accepting of the LBGTQ community."

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