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General results

Response rate
(# | %)
Comfortable having LGBTQ
in group (1-7 ± SD)
LGBQ (1-7 ± SD)
Trans (1-7 ± SD)
(yes | no | unsure)
Know LBGTQ in living group
(yes | no | unsure)
Group attitude toward
LGBTQ (1-7 ± SD)
6.38 ± 1.30
5.51 ± 1.84
4.64 ± 1.92
yes: 61.0%
no: 10.4%
unsure: 23.4%
yes: 61.5%
no: 16.7%
unsure: 21.8%
6.14 ± 0.91
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Language results

Frequency of word use - joking
(1-7 ± SD)
Joking reaction? Bothers - speak out
Joking reaction? Bothers - ask someone else
Joking reaction? Bothers - ignore
Joking reaction? Doesn't bother - ignore
Joking reaction? Doesn't bother - feel accepted/included
Joking reaction? Doesn't bother - join in
5.51 ± 1.36
Frequency of word use - derogatory
(1-7 ± SD)
Derogatory reaction? Bothers - speak out
Derogatory reaction? Bothers - ask someone else
Derogatory reaction? Bothers - ignore
Derogatory reaction? Doesn't bother - ignore
Derogatory reaction? Doesn't bother - feel accepted/included
Derogatory reaction? Doesn't bother - join in
6.69 ± 0.69

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Comments (primary residence)

"Over my two years at Simmons, I have found the sponge to be a very accepting place. I have lots of friends here that are totally cool with the fact that I am gay, and so far I have heard nothing hateful said in regard to the LGBTQ community. Simmons is a great place where you can be who you are and not worry about what others think."

"Simmons is overall an accepting place. Sure there are always a few people who may not agree with your identity for whatever reasons (religion, etc.) , but for every un-accepting person there are plenty of accepting people to take their place. "

"Simmons is not unaccepting, though other living groups may be and probably are more accepting. I'm highly doubtful anyone who isn't straight would be teased, bullied, or anything along those lines."

"In Simmons, people tend to let others be, and keep to themselves or their own friend groups. Therefore, I don't know any openly LGBTQ people in Simmons, but I can't imagine that anybody would bother in any way people who identify as such. The "You are welcome" cards are displayed around many of the adults doors (housemasters/GRTs etc). Also, the single-occupancy bathrooms are great for privacy."

"I can't imagine you'd have a problem being gay here - everyone I've met here is very open"

"From my experience Simmons is a very welcoming community. I have found just about everyone to be open and friendly."

"I've lived in Simmons for a year now and it seems to be a very accepting and lively bunch. I'm really happy with the caliber of person that Simmons attracts."

"I live in Simmons, and my friends here who know my orientation are completely comfortable with my being bi. However, I really don't go out of my way to let people know. My philosophy is that if it matters to them, they'll find out. So most don't actually know my orientation. A few of my friends who are extremely religious may not be comfortable with this, but I don't actually know since none of them know. / / Meanwhile, at Random, being LBGTQ is actually celebrated. It makes the floor "more awesome". Most of my female friends in Random are bi, and I'm completely comfortable there."

"In at least my hall it is rather quiet, and I think this might reflect all of Simmons compared to other dorms. Subsequently, there is not much of a community to either particularly support or damage members of the LGBT community. I do not think that new LGBT Simmons residents would have any trouble with their identities."

"I'm gay and I do not believe that I have ever ran into a problem with my sexual orientation at MIT. The atmosphere is overwhelmingly supportive, as shown by the multitude of 'You are welcome here' stickers plastered over campus. Certain areas of MIT seem to exude an especially comfortable LGBT vibe, but I think that any area on campus is fine. That being said, I do not know if I actively do things, such as activism or public displays of affection, which would be more likely to induce scorn. I have been happy in the area, and I do not expect that I will ever have any problems with other students or people in the area."

"Everyone I've come across in my experience at MIT and its dorms and FSILGs have been entirely accepting of or at least not opposed to LGBTQ lifestyles."

"At first he was just my bisexual roommate. Now he's my bestfriend and my brother. I couldn't have been luckier."

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