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General results

Response rate
(# | %)
Comfortable having LGBTQ
in group (1-7 ± SD)
LGBQ (1-7 ± SD)
Trans (1-7 ± SD)
(yes | no | unsure)
Know LBGTQ in living group
(yes | no | unsure)
Group attitude toward
LGBTQ (1-7 ± SD)
6.69 ± 0.75
6.31 ± 1.34
5.68 ± 1.56
yes: 86.2%
no: 0.0%
unsure: 13.8%
yes: 82.8%
no: 0.0%
unsure: 17.2%
6.52 ± 0.77
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Language results

Frequency of word use - joking
(1-7 ± SD)
Joking reaction? Bothers - speak out
Joking reaction? Bothers - ask someone else
Joking reaction? Bothers - ignore
Joking reaction? Doesn't bother - ignore
Joking reaction? Doesn't bother - feel accepted/included
Joking reaction? Doesn't bother - join in
5.34 ± 1.49
Frequency of word use - derogatory
(1-7 ± SD)
Derogatory reaction? Bothers - speak out
Derogatory reaction? Bothers - ask someone else
Derogatory reaction? Bothers - ignore
Derogatory reaction? Doesn't bother - ignore
Derogatory reaction? Doesn't bother - feel accepted/included
Derogatory reaction? Doesn't bother - join in
6.45 ± 1.16

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Comments (primary residence)

"Theta Xi is completely accepting of gay members, and has been for quite some time."

"I've heard that there are fraternities that do not extend bids to fine young men just because they're gay. Steer clear of these fraternities. If you just ask some upperclassmen, they'll tell you which ones."

"Theta Xi is a very open place in terms of welcoming people of all genders and sexualities, and there's nothing else to say."

"Theta Xi has enough people of different sexualities that people who are uncomfortable with it learn quickly that this isn't the place for them. "

"Theta Xi is definitely one of the more LGBTQ-friendly fraternities. I've heard stories about another fraternity with a gay member who is not out to his brothers because he knows they would not approve. That, to me, is not brotherhood. "

"Two years ago, one of my brothers came out as gay in his senior year. He told us that he'd been struggling with this decision for some time, but that love and support from the rest of the brothers went a long way towards giving him the courage to finally do it. At that moment I was prouder of my fraternity than I had ever been. "

"Great place."

"There is joking about homosexuality, but only gay male sexuality, and those jokes are instigated by the gay members of the house. The ribbing is all good-natured, and everyone makes a point of not going to certain extents if it could offend. / "

"There have been a couple of incidents over my entire 4 year MIT career of someone in my house saying something in a derogatory fashion, or using gay as an insult. These incidents always involve frosh and most of the older brothers are quick to make it clear that that sort of language is not accepted or allowed in the house, so it is nipped in the bud."

"Theta Xi is probably one of the most accepting and diverse living groups at MIT. We are accept all races, religions and sexual orientations and do not treat them any differently. It's one of the biggest reasons I'm proud to call myself a Theta Xi. "

Comments (secondary residence)

"MIT is a ridiculously accepting campus in general. I definitely did not expect this when I first arrive at MIT. I did not know very many openly gay people in high school, but it's a norm here and it is not uncomfortable at all."

"When I first came to MIT I didn't really know what to think about the LGBTQ community because I had never really been exposed to it. I was always raised to think that the lifestyle is wrong, but MIT has definitely affected those views, some may argue for the better. "

"Theta Xi is rightly considered one of the most LGBTQ-friendly fraternities at MIT, with one of the highest proportions of gay brothers, whose diversity reflects that of MIT's considerable gay community as a whole surprisingly well considering the relative size of our chapter."

"Even hailing from Boulder, one of Colorado's most liberal enclaves, almost no one close to me in my 2000-strong high school was openly LGBTQ. This all changed once I pledged Theta Xi; I'm proud to have a substantial contingent of gay people among those I count as my brothers and closest friends. And I feel I can now voice my formerly abstract/intellectual opposition to homophobia with far more conviction to my still-conservative family and to their even more conservative church, which I left long ago...a decision I'm now happier than ever to have made."

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